MIS Webmail (Managed Internet Service) – EQ WebMail

The Queensland Managed Internet Service (MIS) EQ webmail, also known as the MIS Webmail login page (owa.eq.edu.au), offers a specialized solution exclusively for authorized students and staff of the Department of Education Queensland.

To access your online Mail, Calendar, Collaboration, and MIS Gateway, simply log in using your recognized username and password for your MIS EQ Webmail account.

Please note that the MIS EQ webmail service is strictly available to authorized users and is intended solely for official schooling and work purposes. Staff and students of the Queensland Government Department of Education utilize the MIS webmail account to efficiently manage their email accounts through a web browser.

The best part is that MIS Webmail does not require any software installation on your devices, making it incredibly convenient to use across various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Check out our LiteBlue Login Guide for more information.

MIS Webmail Login @owa.eq.edu.au

The EQ MIS webmail service provided by the Department of Education Queensland is the perfect solution for students and teachers to communicate securely and efficiently.

This organized platform ensures that the needs of educational institutions in Queensland are met. If you’re unfamiliar with this service and need assistance accessing the webmail page, we’ve got you covered with a helpful guide.

  • Open your favorite web browser and go to https://owa.eq.edu.au/.
  • Once the page loads, you’ll see a sign-in page for the Managed Internet Service.
MIS Webmail
MIS Webmail
  • Enter your Username (which is your school email address without the @eq.edu.au) and your Password.
  • Don’t forget to tick the box that says “I agree to the conditions of use”.
  • Finally, click on the Sign in button, and voila! You’re all set to access your email. Happy emailing!

If your entered login details are correct or available in the webmail database then your dashboard will be opened.

MIS LoginVisit Here
Official Websitehttps://owa.eq.edu.au/

How do I Change the MIS EQ Webmail Login Password?

It’s crucial to develop the habit of regularly updating your password to ensure the security of your account and protect your sensitive information. By changing your password periodically, you significantly decrease the risk of unauthorized access.

Therefore, if it has been a while since you last changed your password, it’s high time to do so to safeguard your account from any unwanted intrusions.

  • Go to the Managed Internet Service (MIS) webmail login page.
eq webmail login
eq webmail login
  • On the login page, you will see Change my password. When you click on this blue text change password request page will open.
webmail eq
webmail eq
  • Now, input your username, current password, and the new password, and confirm the new password.
  • Click the Change.

If the submitted username and current password are correct or matched with the database record then your password changed successfully. Keep logging in with your new password.

How do I protect my EQ MIS Webmail account?

  • Always use the personal system to log in to the webmail account.
  • If using the public or shared system, log out after checking your webmail account.
  • Do not share your password with near and dear ones.
  • log in secretly, so that attackers can’t even guess your password.

MISWebmail Helpline

Need help logging in? Unsure of what to do? If you’re a student, reach out to your teacher or the IT team at your school.

For staff members, simply contact the IT team or give the IT service center a call. Alternatively, you can also log in to the online services catalog for assistance.

Student Contact your school IT team or teachers for assistance.
Staff Call to IT Service Center: 1800 680 445 
Chat to IT Log in to qlddet.service-now.com/sco


How to describe Webmail in a single line.

The online version of your email is known as webmail.

Can I able to change my password right now?

No, change the password online service is not working right now. When you click on the link change my password you will see a “Page Expired” error ‘The page is no longer available’.

How do I find my Education Queensland webmail login username?

Your username is your school email address without @eq.edu.au. For example, your school email address is [email protected] then your username is johnsmith48.

Can I able to email another student or any teacher within the school?

Indeed, you can easily access all school email addresses through a quick search. Simply click on the ‘To’ section, and a search box will pop up for your contacts. Just type in the last name of the student, teacher, or staff member you’re searching for and hit enter. Voila! The contact you’re looking for will appear, and then you can simply double-click on their name.


The Department of Education Queensland Government greatly relies on the Webmail service as an invaluable tool. It serves as a highly beneficial resource, providing authorized access exclusively. Unauthorized entry is strictly prohibited. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the remarkable features and advantages of MIS webmail services, we encourage you to delve into the entire article. Within it, you will discover a comprehensive login guide, password change instructions, and a wealth of other useful information.